Holistic Support for Multiple Sclerosis

Holistic Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Asheville

MS is an autoimmune disease that impacts the central nervous system’s brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. It damages the myelin sheath, which surrounds and protects nerve cells. This damage slows down or blocks messages between the brain and the body, leading to the symptoms of MS. These symptoms may include visual disturbances, muscle and joint weakness, trouble with coordination and balance, sensations such as numbness or prickling, and thinking and memory problems.

What are the symptoms of MS?

Some common communication difficulties experienced by people with MS may include speech, language, hearing, and cognitive difficulties. Fatigue is also a common symptom of MS and can make it difficult for people to concentrate.

At Balanced Manual Therapy, we offer specific treatments to support people who have been diagnosed with MS.  Feel free to mention your diagnosis and symptoms  in the Notes section when booking your appointment, and your practitioner will formulate a customized treatment plan for you.

Holistic Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

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