Frequently Asked Questions

If you're unsure of what service to choose, you can always reach out to Dali directly via the contact page to discuss the best treatment option
for you.
Although similar in nature, as both work directly with the nervous system, Craniosacral Therapy is very beneficial for any physical trauma to the body, particularly for car accident injuries or spinal injuries. For instance, if you've had a whiplash, a Craniosacral Therapy session would be an effective, initial treatment. Craniosacral Therapy is great for recurring migraines, headaches, TMJ issues, seasonal allergies, stress, and spinal issues.

Brain Lymphatic Drainage can also be helpful for the conditions listed above, but works really well for nervous system related issues including PTSD, stress and anxiety, learning disabilities, cognitive issues, insomnia, ADD / ADHD, allergies, traumatic brain injury, and memory loss or concentration issues.

Dali does integrate both modalities into sessions on an as-needed basis.
Most likely, Visceral Manipulation of the Abdomen. This modality focuses specifically on the abdominal organs and can improve gut health and overall digestion. The therapist may include lymphatic drainage to improve the immune system and to detoxify the organs.
It depends on the type of surgery you've had and I would recommend reaching out to me directly before scheduling an appointment. For any surgeries in or around the abdomen, Visceral Manipulation would be best. For spinal surgery, Craniosacral Therapy would be best. For Liposuction procedures, I would highly recommend Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Either way, please consult with your physician before scheduling a manual therapy session to get clearance.
Except for Fire Cupping sessions, all treatments are done with the patient fully clothed. For Visceral Manipulation, I recommend female patients wear a sports bra (with no wiring) and loose bottoms (shorts or yoga pants). The therapist will need access to your rib cage and surrounding areas, so make sure you're wearing loose clothing and appropriate attire for the treatment.
Yes, I have my credentials for pediatrics craniosacral therapy which permits me to work on infants older than 3 months old, and children of all ages. As a parental guardian or authorized caretaker, you will be required to be present in the treatment room during the session. You will also need to submit a minority consent form for any child under the age of 18.