Holistic Treatment for Heavy Metal Toxicity and Mold

Lymphatic Drainage for Heavy Metals / Mold Toxicity

Most people are exposed to heavy metals through inhalation, ingestion, or direct contact with the skin.  Environmental pollution with heavy metals can result in contamination of air, water, sewage, seawater, waterways, and can accumulate in plants, crops, seafood, and meat and indirectly affect humans. Some occupations have increased risk for particular heavy metal exposure and toxicity.

Some molds also have the potential to produce toxic agents called mycotoxins. Some mycotoxins can make people sick and compromise their immune system. .

If you believe you have been exposed to any heavy metals or mold toxicity that is harmful to your body, please consult a medical doctor immediately.  If you have already been diagnosed with heavy metal or mold toxicity, ask your doctor if a Lymphatic Drainage Therapy treatment would help to support your detox process, and get your health back on track.

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