What is somatoemotional release?

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a deeply profound and effective manual therapy developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, the creator of Craniosacral Therapy and former Medical Director of Upledger Clinical Services.

Dr. Upledger developed this form of therapy as the result of years of documented patient cases and clinical experience. He observed that physical and emotional traumas are not confined exclusively in the brain and heart, but can also be stored within the tissues of the body in the form of energy cysts. These energy cysts can manifest as a chronic physical ailment, and often be more deceptive by appearing as anxiety, fatigue, or physiological dysfunction.

In SomatoEmotional Release, therapeutic imagery and dialogue are used to facilitate the necessary release of the energy cysts as well as other emotions stored in the body. The session enlists the support of the person’s Inner Physician or any other aspect of their internal guidance system to resolve physical and energetic imbalances.

During the SomatoEmotional Release session, the tissues begin to unwind, which allows memories stored in the body to release simulatenously. This process facilitates healing on a very deep level, bringing more relief and integration to the mind, body, spirit (conscious awareness) phenomenon.

SomatoEmotional Release has been proven to transform lives. Many people find this work useful during big life changes and transitions such as the end of a relationship, losing a loved one, recovering from addictions, supporting PTSD symptoms, and other life challenges. Some people find it useful for breaking negative patterns and limiting belief systems, resolving inner turmoil, grief support, or healing old wounds. SomatoEmotional Release helps them connect the dots so that real, lasting change is possible, sometimes with only a few treatments.

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a complementary method of hands-on manual therapy that works with the natural rhythms of the body to support the healing process and to release trauma stuck in the tissues of the body. SER is not a form of psychotherapy, nor does it replace talk therapy. 

Balanced Manual Therapy specializes in holistic health, which is not a substitute for  medical or psychological care.