Are the Therapeutic Services You Offer a Good Fit for Me?

The short answer to that question is, most likely ,yes.

If you’re experiencing any type of chronic pain, suffer from autoimmune disorder(s), were in a car accident or injured yourself in any way (especially head/brain injury), have undergone surgery, have digestive issues, or are just feeling down and low on energy, than balanced manual therapy may be a good fit for you.

My practice is dedicated to those individuals looking for real change in their bodies – not just temporary relief. This is why I offer the services I do.  After years of my own struggles with food allergies, a life altering car accident, and long term grief from the loss of a loved one, I turned to holistic therapies like craniosacral therapy, brain lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, and yoga to bring balance to my heart, mind, and body.  By diving deep into my own healing journey, I am able to hold space for clients, while integrating the practical tools I’ve learned over the years to help them address chronic pain in their body.



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