Can Craniosacral Therapy Help My Child?

One of my favorite modalities to offer children is Craniosacral Therapy.  Due to the gentle and light-touch nature of the therapy, children respond really well to it.  In this day and age, when children are utilizing technology for longer periods of time, sitting for longer periods of time, and spending less time outdoors in nature, it’s common for their minds to become overstimulated.  This can take a toll on their health, physically and mentally.

Craniosacral Therapy works with a child’s nervous system by intentionally focusing on their craniosacral rhythm, increasing the cerebral spinal fluid in their brain and spinal cord, and reducing tension in the various structures of their brain.  It can also release physical and emotional traumas stored in the body.

Multiple treatments may be necessary if a child has been diagnosed with any learning diabilities like autism, ADD/ADHD, or if they struggling with stress, anxiety, and/or depression. This is because some of their tension could date back to before they were born. Some of the benefits of craniosacral therapy may include improved management of emotions, elimination of ear infections, improved digestion, or better sleep. Most children experience noticeable results immediately.

To learn more about the benefits of craniosacral therapy, click here.

Dali offers pediatrics craniosacral therapy for children of all ages, and infants older than 3 months.


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