lymphatic drainage therapy (pre and post surgery)

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a powerful, yet gentle modality used for detoxification, to reduce edema and swelling, to support the pre- and post surgical process, and to boost the overall immune system.

The lymphatic system is designed to support the immune system while nourishing and cleansing cells. If your lymphatic system becomes compromised, so will your health. Many factors can impact your lymphatic system including poor diet, lack of exercise, toxins, viruses, autoimmune conditions, surgeries, medications, and chronic stress. The good news is, lymphatic drainage can help to signficantly reduce inflammation in the body, while improving your overall health.

If you sit at a desk all day or lead an inactive lifestyle, lymphatic drainage could benefit you. If you have recently had surgery or are preparing for surgery, lymphatic drainage could benefit you. If you are having gut issues, chronic headaches, sluggishness, sinus issues, or experiencing edema, lymphatic drainage can benefit you.

The lymph system doesn’t circulate like blood or other bodily fluids, which means it relies on physical activity to properly move lymph fluid throughout the body. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one way to do that.

Our bodies lymphatic system is the ultimate cleaner and detoxifier. When our lymph is flowing freely, our digestion is efficient, our skin is clear, our mood is improved, our organs are able to properly detox while we sleep, we don’t have aches or pains, we have more energy, we aren’t holding on to water weight and we generally feel our best! When we are dehydrated or burdening our bodies with unnecessary chemicals (knowingly or not) our lymphatic system has to go into overdrive just to try to compensate. Our lymph becomes sluggish and stagnant and our bodies begin to retain water, which in turn affects our overall health and immune system function.

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